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Ultrasonic  Cleaner

Please find enclosed a copy of an article I've written for Tansha.
The main reason I'm copying it to you is for Paul to let other Kent & Surrey members know that I'm happy to consider cleaning parts for them, if they have any jobs they want doing.
I recently set out to purchase an Ultrasonic Cleaner, and searched on the internet and on eBay for a reasonably large one as my main reason for wanting one was to clean a carb from my DR350 which I suspected of having blocked internal passages.
It seems prices start at around the 20 mark for small budget cleaners, but I chose one costing 50 which had a 2.5 litre bath and had a built-in water heater.

Is it simple to use? In a word, yes.

The instructions tell you you can use plain tap water alone, or can add a drop of washing up liquid. They also tell you you can use the machine with cold water or switch on a built-in heater to heat it up.
They also explain the timer settings. The maximum duration you can select for any given wash session (cold or hot) is 8 minutes. I guess you start out asking yourself 'how long is long enough?' and then, in practice, find that the answer is to inspect the article at the end of the cycle and decide whether you're happy with it or whether to stick it back in again for another go.

I've so far used it to clean the carb I mentioned and a pretty cruddy brake caliper, and have mostly been using it with a bit of detergent and with the heater on. The machine does not make old parts look brand new again, but so far I've been pretty impressed with the results.

The first time I switched it on - with the carb body and float bowl in it - it wasn't immediately obvious that anything much was actually happening. The following pics show the water is clear enough to see the plastic grille at the bottom of the tank, and a few little bubbles, but there's not much in the way of visible action.


After a while, however, on the 4th or 5th session, this is what was happening!!!

Note the change in the colour of the water, and the internal detritus visibly being carried out of the carb in little swirls of tiny bubbles.
I've already said that I'm impressed. I wasn't expecting 'miracles' just something that would do a darn good job... and that's exactly what it seems to be doing.  

In fact, my DR350 had always been hard to start, but I'd always believed it to be a common issue and 'part of the character of the bike.' I can honestly say I'm amazed at how it is now regularly firing up first or second kick!


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